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Heather [00:00:00] Matt you heard her repeatedly say there, she couldn't verify it, did she ever try to verify it? Did she or any other journalist that called it into question? Ever check with you on these claims? 

Matt Whitaker [00:00:13] Well, of course not. Good to be with you today, Heather and Bob. I you know, I'm I'm troubled about what the mainstream media did here, and that is that they believed and wanted to believe the narrative of the Trump campaign's connection to the Russian government, and they never moved away from it, no matter what the evidence to the contrary was. I remember when I was first read into the Mueller investigation and quickly understood that there was never any connection between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and how just how bad that was to the country and the fact that it continues on. Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes and CBS would never even look into the fact that, to Trump's point, he was spied on. The question is, who knew about it? Were there intelligence agencies that knew this internet traffic- these emails were being viewed, at least from a to from basis. And why didn't they do anything about it? Why didn't they defensively brief the president on this domestic spying situation? And why ultimately has it taken this long for this information to get out? 

Bob [00:01:26] Yeah. Now this information that we're talking about, the spying that we're getting more and more information, it's been alluded to, but this filing has a lot of it. But this filing was actually focused on the conflict of interest that Mr. Sussman brings to the table and representing, apparently the Clinton campaign. The allegations are as well as other individuals. 

Heather [00:01:48] Which would include Jake Sullivan, our current national security adviser, because he's repeatedly admitted to conversations with Susman specifically. 

Bob [00:01:56] Right. So my question for you, Matt, is that this isn't even the focus. The spying isn't even the focus. So I'm curious, are they trying to bring out these allegations to get him to flip, to actually give the information they need to go forward to prove these other elements of the case that we're talking about right now? 

Matt Whitaker [00:02:18] Yeah. Well, in my experience, the prosecutors hold a lot of cards. And to your point, this filing was actually a demonstration by Durham that the lawyers representing Susman had conflicts that were probably going to affect their representation at trial. But this revealing and the thing that was the most revealing was that this private internet company was taking the traffic from the Executive Office of the President while Donald Trump was president and reviewing it and sharing it ultimately with the Clinton campaign. This answers some of our questions, but to your point, this was not even the focus of this filing. The focus was the conflict of interest by the lawyers. 

Bob [00:03:01] That's why I feel like there's got to be a lot more to come. I'm guessing it is. 

Matt Whitaker [00:03:04] Certainly.

Bob [00:03:05] OK. All right. Matt Whitaker, thank you. We want to keep the conversation going. 

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