Varney & Co.
The Supreme Court is set to announce its decision on presidential immunity any day. I think we're going to see the Court being thoughtful to the impact this decision will have on future generations and less focused on how it effects Donald Trump. The consideration will be how it impacts the presidency in the future and how we maintain our Republic. Read More.
Fox & Friends First
Joe Biden's radical open border policy has allowed millions of unvetted individuals to flow into the United States. Rachel Morin is the most recent tragic example of the consequences to Biden's policy. The administration is unwilling to confront real issues. Instead, Biden just ignores the crime, death, and destruction. Read More.
Fox News @ Night
None of Joe Biden's border policies have a positive impact on national security or public safety for the United States. Every citizen who's victim to a crime committed by an illegal immigrant is unnecessary and should never happen. Joe Biden does not have the power to do this unilaterally, only Congress can give these legal protections. Read More.
Sunday Report
The White House should be concerned about Hunter's September tax trial. You would expect during the trial to hear about the tens of millions in revenue that was laundered through LLC's to children and grandchildren of Joe Biden. That evidence being talked about publicly will change the narrative of a campaign heading into an election. Read More.
Wake Up America
Our Founding Fathers never intended for the Executive Branch to enforce Congressional subpoenas. Congress should be enforcing their own subpoenas by sending out the Sergeant at Arms. Historically this is how it was done but Congress seems unwilling to do so today. Congress has become the weakest of the three branches while it was intended to be the strongest. Read More.
Saturday Report
Merrick Garland has placed himself above the law. You cannot have Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro prosecuted for contempt of Congress and then ignore the House this time. This is another perfect example of our two-tiered justice system. Merrick Garland is not above the law. Read More.
Fox News @ Night
Our open southern border has created the largest national security threat in our lifetimes. We've reached a point where all Americans will have to be vigilant. There are known and unknown terrorist threats inside the country waiting to become operational. The Biden Administration is not taking this serious. Read More.
Ed Henry The Briefing
Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro were held in contempt of Congress and prosecuted by the DOJ. The Department of Justice is now suggesting it won't pursue the same against Merrick Garland. This is obvious two-tiered justice. The DOJ is being used as a weapon to punish political opponents. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
It's ironic that Joe Biden and his DOJ are pursuing gun grabbing restrictions of the 2nd Amendment while Hunter Biden argues against them for his 2nd Amendment rights in court. It's a very rich contrast. Ultimately, Hunter will likely not be successful in his appeal. Hunter's Tax Fraud case is scheduled to begin in September. Read More.
Prime News
Hunter Biden's tax case is scheduled for September. There we'll find out more about how much Hunter has made, why he didn't register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and how money was laundered through 20 different LLC's. Merrick Garland stated this week that the DOJ is not political, but we'll know for sure if Hunter's case gets pushed past the election. Read More.
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo
Leticia James, Jack Smith, and Alvin Bragg all went to the White House to meet with Joe Biden's lawyers prior to their cases. Alvin Bragg even took a lawyer from Biden's DOJ to help try his case. This is a serious violation of the way business is done at the DOJ. These cases are an obvious coordinated attack on Donald Trump to try and weaken him during the campaign. Read More.
There's been a lot of valid criticism of Merrick Garland and how he's run the Department of Justice. The DOJ plays politics. They tapped Jack Smith to go after Donald Trump for any and all crimes and then sent DOJ's number three person to help Leticia James and Alvin Bragg attempt to prosecute Trump. Either Merrick Garland is a feckless ineffective leader or he's the ringleader. Read More.
American Agenda
The same DOJ trying the Hunter Biden case previously tried to make it go away with a misdemeanor and deferred prosecution agreement. It was only after they were caught, and the judge noticed that no other defendant in U.S. history had received such a sweetheart deal, that the DOJ ended up charging him. Hunter is now significantly involved in the criminal justice system. Read More.
Varney & Company
Hunter Biden's legal team may have miscalculated how sympathetic he would be to the jury. Witnesses are lined up to show that Hunter was an avid drug user at the time he bought that gun. This is a pretty simple case. The tax trial Hunter is facing in the coming months is where he'll face more significant punishment. Read More.
The Big Money Show
The current threat to national security is worse than before 9/11. Our border is wide open and we've had several reported incursions on military bases recently. We're probably facing the most critical moment in American history. Joe Biden's executive order on the border doesn't solve any of this. Read More.

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