The Evening Edit
The Fani Willis case demonstrates why we need to have cameras in the courtroom. Viewing it helps everyone see how a witness is or isn't being honest when they're answering questions. I believe this judge is going to kick Fani and Nathan Wade off the case and likely the entire Fulton County office. Read More.
Eric Bolling The Balance
Donald Trump really was right on everything. Americans have a bit of remorse for putting Joe Biden in the White House because all of his policies are failing. Everyone knows Trump will take control, bring law and order back to our country, close the border and make the economy strong again. Read More.
Vote for America 2024: South Carolina Presidential Primary
Donald Trump is now pivoting towards the general election and Joe Biden. It's questionable if Nikki Haley is tethered to reality as she gives victory speeches while losing by 20 points. She's not winning Republicans, there's no doubt they want Trump. Read More.
Saturday Report
It seems clear that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade had a relationship before the Trump case and they were using the money to fund a lavish lifestyle. Fani Willis and her office will likely be disqualified from Trump's case. Another District Attorney will then have to decide if there is a case to be made. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
Chicago is now removing ShotSpotter technology that helps police within the city. Instead of doing what's obvious, large Democrat-run cities around the United States do the opposite. Communities should be putting more police in communities to enforce laws and develop relationships. Hopefully voters will understand what's happening and make a change. Read More.
Alexander Smirnov is just one of many allegations against the Biden's. He had nothing to do with China, Romania or all the other places the Biden's were making tens of millions of dollars and laundering it through LLC's. The FBI didn't even investigate these allegations until three years later when the political heat began. All of this suggests something much bigger than Alexander Smirnov... Read More.
American Agenda
James Biden's deposition is an important step. Once a witness is interviewed they're locked into a story. The story can't be changed without perjuring themselves or lying to congress. I think this interview is going to get into some detailed information about how the brothers did business together including where the sources and uses of funds were. Read More.
Fox & Friends
Alexander Smirnov has been charged with lying. Hunter has multiple tax charges, a currently uncharged foreign agent registration act, and multiple gun charges. This is all a bit of a sideshow. I don't think this means very much in the overall scheme of things. Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show
There's a complete disconnect in very blue states where there are no strong Republican opponents. These states are going to continue to try and undermine our republic. A constitutional republic is created for a law-abiding people. We need to agree that we're a nation of laws, not men. The law has to be equally applied and applied to everyone equally. Read More.
Republicans should be asking themselves, is Nikki Haley really a Republican or is she a sleeper cell hidden within the party? Haley's campaign is a slow moving car wreck. She's a useful foil for the Democrats to attack Donald Trump from his own party. Nikki Haley is not planning on a future after 2024, she's in the last throes of her last chance. Everyday Americans want Donald Trump because he fights for what they believe in. Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
Tony Bobulinski and others have testified that Hunter and Jim Biden were selling access to Joe Biden. It's necessary that both Jim and Hunter come in, be honest, and not minimize how serious this is. This is big trouble for Joe Biden this election season. Read More.
New York can't call itself the Empire State after this. The prosecutors pursuing Trump are entirely political. Governor Hochul had to give a press conference to dampen fears from other entrepreneurs in New York. Both Kevin O'Leary and Grant Cardone have recently stated that they can no longer do business in the state, this is chasing business away. Read More.
FOX & Friends Saturday
There was no victim in Trump's New York case. No bank lost money and no insurance company was out any money. The judge picked a number out of the air to punish Donald Trump, his children, and the Trump organization. This case is so fundamentally inconsistent with American jurisprudence it could end up in front of the Supreme Court. Read More.
America Right Now
You can't have a fraud by legal definition without having a victim. Judge Engoron was not a fair judge and was trying to hammer the Trump organization and Donald Trump. Engoron's rulling is very weak on the facts and especially weak on the law. This is an easy appeal for Donald Trump and he'll ultimately win this case. Read More.

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