Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo | Fox News
When prosecutors target people instead of crimes we're in very dangerous territory, the Trump case is a prime example of two-tier justice in the United States. Congress has legitimate interest in this case. Read More.
Saturday Report | Newsmax TV
Alvin Bragg's star witness has undercut the case against President Trump... Read More.
The Ingraham Angle | Fox News Channel
New evidence this week seems to give Monday's witness more credibility and causes issues for the prosecution. This case in not good for Democrats... Read More.
American Agenda | Newsmax
New evidence presented before the Trump grand jury doesn't bode well for Alvin Bragg's case. This is why the Founding Fathers intended this process to be done in secret... Read More.
The Evening Edit | Fox Business
The FEC and DoJ have both looked at the material in Alvin Bragg's case and decided to pass. If federal resources were involved in this, Congress has legitimate interest in oversight... Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
New York's case against Trump is going to see a lot twists and turns, it's constitutionality is going to be interesting... Read More.
Kennedy | Fox Business
There are a lot of factual and legal questions in the Trump case. Both the Southern District of New York and FEC have looked at the facts here already and chose not to pursue it. Read More.
Spicer & Co | Newsmax
Alvin Bragg's case very weak, his legal theory doesn't hold water. Congress as an interest in finding out if federal funds were used here at all... Read More.
John Bachman Now | Newsmax
It's within the purview of Congress to look into Alvin Bragg's case against Donald Trump. We're going to hear a lot from Congress and the courts before this ever goes to trial... Read More.
Varney & Co | Fox Business Network
Congress has a legitimate interest in the Trump prosecution. It's not going to be easy for Alvin Bragg to just not show up... Read More.
Mornings With Maria | Fox Business Network
If Trump is prosecuted by a DA in New York for something Hillary Clinton had to pay a fine for it's going to be very difficult time for the entire country... Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
The case Alvin Bragg is bringing against President Trump is purely political and will be devastating to the country... Read More.
Dick Morris Democracy | Newsmax
Alvin Bragg is pursuing a case against Donald Trump that the SDNY took a pass on, a fair jury would never convict. Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
It's surprising to see a DA try to prosecute a case against a former President of the United States with no evidence. The SDNY looked at the same evidence and thought there was nothing there... Read More.
The Count | Newsmax
The Southern District of New York already looked at this case and decided there was nothing there. This prosecution makes us look like a third-world banana republic... Read More.

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