Sunday Agenda
Alarm bells are going off for Democrats right now. There are no good options for them in '24 and they're very concerned. The American people are suffering under Joe Biden and everyone remembers how Donald Trump handled the economy and illegal immigration. Read More.
The Count
With Sen. Menendez's recent charges, it's clear that the DOJ understands what a bribery case is. Now, it'll be interesting to see how Joe Biden's impeachment inquiry unfolds parallel to it. There are a lot of similarities between the two cases, but the DOJ doesn't seem curious about evidence from the Biden family. Read More.
Saturday Report
Sen. Bob Menendez was charged with 3 counts of conspiracy and bribery relating to Egyptian business men. This is about as corrupt an allegation as you can get at DOJ. New Jersey deserves a senator that actually works on their behalf . Read More.
Merrick Garland did not appear honest in front of Congress, every step of the way he confirmed the two-tier justice we see everywhere. It pretty obvious he understand what the mission of the DOJ is but chooses to play politics and help the President get himself out of trouble instead. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
Merrick Garland was not truthful in front of Congress today. It's clear that the DOJ has been trying to run out the clock with the Hunter Biden investigation while they simultaneously throw the book at Donald Trump. Now that it's blown up in their face, Merrick Garland is left trying to square a circle in his testimony. Read More.
Mornings with Maria
Although I don't believe we'll get much from the questioning of Merrick Garland, there are many questions about the DOJ he needs to answer for. Why are they throwing the book at Donald Trump and using a minimalist approach with Joe and Hunter Biden? Congress needs to address two-tier justice at the DOJ. Read More.
Wake Up America
There's a lot of smoke around Joe and Hunter Biden's business dealings. The evidence clearly supports launching an impeachment inquiry. Congress needs to really drill down and see what else is there might be. Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
As Donald Trump pulls away from Biden in every metric the left is getting desperate. Washington DC may see a gag order on Trump as their magic bullet. Ultimately, any attempt to try and muzzle Trump will fail. Read More.
Fox & Friends
The DOJ did not want to charge Hunter Biden, they waited until 28 days before the statute of limitations ran out. There is a clear two-tier justice system in America. There are still several potential charges out there, we just don't know how enthusiastically they're being looked at. Read More.
The Story With Martha MacCallum
It's clear that Special Counsel Weiss was trying to run out the clock on Hunter Biden in hopes of it going away. Once the bright lights hit the game changed. We should expect this case to continue to be handled differently than any other case. I don't think this administration wants to bring Hunter Biden to justice. Read More.
Carl Higbie Frontline
Authoritarians believe they're smarter than the people and above the constitution. The people are in charge. The left learned during covid that they could infringe on constitutional rights and unfortunately many courts lack the courage to stand up to it. We need courage in American politics. Read More.
September 11th reminds all Americans, not only about what happened and how much things have changed, but also about the patriotism we all shared after one of the worst events in our history. I will never forget what happened that day and we'll ensure it never happens again. Read More.
Wake Up America
Each of the cases against Trump is a novel legal application, stretching a law beyond its purpose. These laws have never been applied to these set of facts. I think the Appeals Courts will be very skeptical of how far these prosecutors have gone to use these laws. Read More.
Saturday Report
An impeachment inquiry is going to be critical to demonstrate what the scheme between Hunter and Joe Biden actually was. The Special Counsel seems to be making it look like he's treating Hunter more serious than he actually is. Read More.
Fox and Friends Weekend
The pending RICO conspiracy in Georgia is overly broad and rubs up directly against political speech and 1st Amendment rights all Americans have. It's going to be interesting to see what the Appeals Court and other judges think as the case goes through the system. Read More.

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