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Americans need to take clear note of what's happening to Donald Trump in New York, if it can happen to the former President, it can happen to anyone. The process people have watched play out in this case is fundamentally unfair and untethered to the law. Read More.
James Comer recently announced he intends to send criminal referrals to the DOJ for the Biden's, on top of looking into a Joe Biden impeachment. If Congress has discovered crimes or evidence of crimes then the DOJ should pick those referrals up and prosecute the necessary individuals. Read More.
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The Fani Willis case is not over. Judge Mcafee wrote an opinion in a way that the Court of Appeals could potentially still kick Fani and her office off the case. Fani has no credibility with the court anymore. This case is based on a very aggressive theory and will likely continue to fall apart. Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show
Fani Willis' case against Trump was weak to start and not founded in the law. This case will be a slog for her, especially now that the court has said her credibility is shot. As it stands, the judge didn't have the tools to do what he was being asked to do. If Fani stays on the case I think this could be far from over. Read More.
The Story With Martha MacCallum Part 2
Alvin Bragg's case against Donald Trump has been delayed to review new records sent from the Southern District of New York. The SDNY and FEC both previously declined to charge Trump. This case is very weak and certainly not the most consequential of Trump's cases. Read More.
The Story With Martha MacCallum
Fani Willis' office is going to have a hard time moving forward after the judge's decision. Judge Scott McAfee issued a blistering opinion in the case, saying at one point, "an odor of mendacity remains". That essentially says to me, your office and you as a DA have no credibility here. Read More.
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The prosecution's conflict of interest in Trump's Georgia case is pretty clear. I think the judge will kick Fani Willis and the Fulton County DA's office off of the case. At that point the case will go to the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council of Georgia to be reassigned. Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show
The novel legal cases against Donald Trump are beginning to fall. We're expecting news out of Fulton County, Georgia on Friday. All of these cases are specious with factual basis that are not ultimately sustainable. I think we're going to start seeing these cases overturned or kicked out by judges. Read More.
Congress should press for the audio of President Biden testifying. Hearing the President speaking in his own words and being helped with answers is going to make it obvious Joe Biden is not all there. The concern is that he can't make it to this November let alone four more years. Read More.
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Joe Biden had classified documents stored in 6 or 7 different locations going back to when he was a Senator. Our founding fathers set up a system in which people have the right to be tried by a jury of their peers. Robert Hur clearly had a close call to make but he should have taken this case to a grand jury. Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
This is a two-tiered justice system. We either treat Joe Biden and Donald Trump the same under similar facts or we continue to only prosecute former President Trump for these types of crimes. Robert Hur's report is accurate. He laid out a case that should be brought to a jury. Read More.
Carl Higbie Frontline
Robert Hur is an experienced prosecutor but I think he used his discretion too broadly in this case. There is plenty of evidence against Joe Biden. It seems that the law requires this case be brought to a jury who should decide this, not the prosecutor. Read More.
American Agenda
There is no doubt Special Counsel Robert Hur made a case against Joe Biden. There was no exoneration for President Biden, the statute was violated. This was a charging decision, the Special Counsel did not think he could prove it in front of a jury. Read More.
Morning in America
Special Counsel Robert Hur testifies today on Joe Biden's classified documents investigations. This is an opportunity for Congress to put on video the 350 page special counsel report concerning Joe Biden. This is high stakes and could have consequences in November. Read More.
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There have been over 8 million gotaways at the southern border under the Biden administration. This is massive and concerning challenge. Without a change, we should expect attempts to harm Americans on our own soil because of this crisis. I don't hear any solutions being presented to solve this significant security situation. Read More.

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