Rob Schmit Tonight
If Trump's Georgia case is moved to a Federal court he would likely have a judge with more experience as well as a broader jury pool outside the Atlanta metro area. It would be a good strategic move. This is a complex case, it will likely not happen before Super Tuesday. Read More.
The Evening Edit
We're in an incredibly dangerous time. Democrats are trying to criminalize the political by taking laws intended for other purposes and twisting them to fit a fact pattern for Trump. The left is exerting authoritarian control. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
The Special Counsel is an example of our two-tiered justice system. Jack Smith is notorious for his over charging and over aggressive use of statutes. We're now seeing the use of statutes against Trump that have never been applied to the circumstances before. Read More.
Cavuto Live
Congress found a lot of evidence surrounding Hunter Biden business dealings and forced Merrick Garland's hand in appointing David Weiss. However, it now stonewalls the investigation in Congress, allowing the DOJ to hide a lot of evidence behind the special counsel. Read More.
Fox & Friends
Televising Trump's Georgia case is going to add a new level of access to the American people. Fani Willis seems to have just scooped up as many people as she could and charged them with very complex conspiracy. Read More.
In every case against Trump we see prosecutors using novel legal approaches. The rule of law is under assault. Its clear Democrats are using lawfare to try and change the outcome of the election. Read More.
John Bachman Now
Justice needs to be done, no one is above the law. The judge in Hunter Biden's case saw through his sweetheart deal and thought it was too good. We'll see if Special Counsel Weiss now files the two felony tax charges along with the one for Hunter's gun. Read More.
The Story with Martha MacCallum
The Founding Fathers intended the 1st Amendment to be the most important. The cases against Trump are timed to keep him from campaigning for President in 2024. This obviously only benefits Joe Biden. Read More.
Wake Up America
Trump's trial should be moved outside of Washington DC. He has the right to a fair and impartial jury and it doesn't seem likely to happen in Washington. If I was the DOJ, I would want this case to look absolutely above board. Read More.
Varney & Co
Joe Biden's position on China and Ukraine keeps getting refuted brick by brick. If Biden did in fact fire the Ukrainian prosecutor to further Hunter's business interest, that is certainly a crime. Read More.
Life Liberty & Levin
Joe Biden got on the phone at least 20 times for Hunter Biden and sat down with foreign nationals. Conspiracy law only requires one overt act to further the conspiracy. This is quintessential influence peddling. It's becoming more clear every day Joe Biden was willing to work on Hunters behalf. Read More.
Life Liberty & Levin
A special counsel is certainly needed for Joe Biden. There is too much smoke and too many allegations now. Hunter complained about sending half of his money to his dad and that money needs to be traced. Read More.
The Evening Edit
China is resource poor. The fact that Hunter and Joe Biden were even engaging with the Chinese to buy America resources was one of the highest levels of Anti-American behavior. A strong America leads to a peaceful world. Read More.
The Bottom Line
Ultimately Donald Trump is likely going to be granted a change of venue. The proposal for West Virginia isn't a bad idea. If the case is a slam dunk Jack Smith should willing to try this anywhere. Read More.
The Bottom Line
Ordinary American's are seeing their costs go up with inflation, many living paycheck to paycheck. It's getting bumpy in real America and Joe Biden doesn't care. Read More.

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