Fox News Live | Fox News Channel
Every step of the way it has appeared that the DoJ tried to suppress the Biden documents as it pursued Trump. Read More.
The Count | Newsmax
More documents were found in Biden's home office. The more we hear about this situation the more it appears intentional... Read More.
Wake Up America Weekend | Newsmax
The government can not use corporations to do things it can't do itself, it's unconstitutional. We need Congress to hold agencies accountable... Read More.
The Ingraham Angle | Fox News
Nothing about the discovery of Biden's classified materials makes sense. There are a lot of questions that the White House will need to answer... Read More.
Saturday Report | Newsmax
The timeline for Biden's classified documents is extremely suspicious. I don't believe Merrick Garland ever thought this issue would come to light... Read More.
The Faulkner Focus | Fox News Channel
President Trump could have declassified documents at any time. Vice President Biden did not have a similar ability... Read More.
Mornings with Maria | Fox Business
The DoJ's two-tiered system of justice is very problematic. The difference in treatment between Trump and Bide is already apparent... Read More.
Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News
The key question around Biden's document scandal is if the standard of the statute will be applied... Read More.
Cavuto Coast to Coast | Fox Business Network
The rules need to be applied the same between Biden and Trump or it demonstrates a clear two-tiered system of justice. Merrick Garland has a tough test in front of him... Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
It appears that Joe Biden was trying to conceal the classified documents in question. How Merrick Garland handles this will be very interesting to watch... Read More.
Spicer & Co. | Newsmax
The difference in Mar-a-Lago and the Biden documents is purely political. It's the exact same case handled in very different ways by Merrick Garland... Read More.
American Agenda | Newsmax
At a minimum, the Biden classified documents presents a similar set of facts and the exact same statutes at question with Mar-a-Largo. There are many more questions than answers right now... Read More.
John Bachman Now | Newsmax
As the new Congress begins there are three investigations I'm paying close attention to above all others.... Read More.
Wake Up America Weekend | Newsmax
There's a lot of evidence about Hunter Biden that Congress can bring to the American people. However, the DoJ needs to be motivated to take up the investigation. Read More.
Varney & Co. | Fox Business Network
Crypto is an area where the SEC or Congress might need to get involved, it's important they get up to speed on the nuance of the market... Read More.

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