President Trump Rally in Georgia
The great thing about the 2024 election is we've all experienced both candidates. Obviously only Donald Trump will deliver an economy that works for all Americans. He will set a tone internationally with a strong America that doesn't jump into every war that breaks out. We've experienced Joe Biden's Presidency and no one wants any more of it. Read More.
Wake Up America Weekend
The 8th Amendment issue percolating up from Letitia James' New York case is particularly interesting. There are supposed to be no excessive fines or cruel and usual punishment in American justice. The founding fathers knew was a weapon by the state against those found out of favor. I think we'll see the almost $450 million fine ultimately eliminated with the Supreme Court. Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
President Trump is now the obvious and inevitable nominee for the Republicans. He's going to have a challenge ahead of him in picking his running mate. Republicans have a very deep bench of tremendous leaders that could easily assume the role. Read More.
Ed Henry The Briefing
The Trump campaign has really good momentum going into November. We need to remember that Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to be tough to beat. A lot of Republicans understand what it's going to take but we need to get everyone on board and provide a unified front to be successful. Read More.
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo
We should encourage Texas and other states to defend their own borders when the government fails. Joe Biden and the federal government do everything they can to prevent law and order at our border, it's obviously intentional. This is why November is so important for American sovereignty and law and order. Read More.
Today's Supreme Court ruling is great day for the American people and the Constitution. As I look out from now to November I think there will be many more victories in court. Unfortunately, I think the Supreme Court is going to have to stand ready to defend the rule of law just like they did today. Read More.
Sunday Report
The evidence doesn't support the story Hunter Biden tried to tell Congress. It looks like Joe Biden was aware of what his son was doing and has been lying to the American people. The real question is where did the money go? $20 million flowed through LLC's to every member of the Biden family. None of this passes the smell test. Read More.
The Count
So many people are drawn to Donald Trump and the MAGA movement because of the common sense policy. The Make America Great Again agenda is about closing the southern border, enforcing laws that are already on the books to put violent criminals behind bars, and bringing the United States back to energy dominance. These policies work for American families and make sense to the average voter. Read More.
Saturday Report
The hurdle that needs to be overcome to remove Fani Willis is whether or not it was a financial conflict to use money to pay her boyfriend then turnaround and use it to their joint benefit. I think that hurdle was overcome during testimony. Fani Willis' entire office will likely be disqualified from the case. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
There are serious problems in Fulton County. The prosecutor lied under oath. There was absolutely a financial conflict of interest. Fani Willis paid Nathan Wade money and then they were using that money to go on vacations that she benefited from. This is a pretty easy case based on the evidence that came out in the hearings. Read More.
In Iowa people are not talking about the Ukraine or fighting Russians. Until we address the border I don't think other priorities are going to move in Congress. Republicans know that real Americans are concerned about our border and the 10 million people that have come across since Biden took office. Read More.
Varney & Co.
The Biden business dealings are like an onion, every time you pull back a layer it gets more complicated and convoluted. Today is a high stakes interview for Hunter Biden. The House has all the documents and all the bank records and Hunter will have to tell a story consistent with the available evidence. Read More.
Fox News @ Night
Donald Trump just won Michigan by 40 points, he's a freight train heading towards election. Are the democrats really going to keep trying to throw up legal cases as hurtles to the general election? The American people need to be the ones to decide who our next President is. Read More.
The Evening Edit
The Fani Willis case demonstrates why we need to have cameras in the courtroom. Viewing it helps everyone see how a witness is or isn't being honest when they're answering questions. I believe this judge is going to kick Fani and Nathan Wade off the case and likely the entire Fulton County office. Read More.
Eric Bolling The Balance
Donald Trump really was right on everything. Americans have a bit of remorse for putting Joe Biden in the White House because all of his policies are failing. Everyone knows Trump will take control, bring law and order back to our country, close the border and make the economy strong again. Read More.

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