The Story With Martha MacCallum
The Georgia Court of Appeals announced it will consider a challenge from Donald Trump to disqualify DA Fani Willis. There's a good chance the Court of Appeals will disqualify the entire office including Fani Willis. Regardless, the judge, who still maintains the trial if it goes forward, said previously that, "an odor of mendacity permeates the case." He knows they are liars and likely won't believe anything they file. Read More.
Wake Up America
The left is getting exactly what they want with Trump's trial in New York. They can report on an 18 year old interaction, that the President has denied, in breathless detail and keep him off the campaign trail. Trump could be in swing states talking about Joe Biden's terrible policies as the economy is crashing and the border is wide-open. Contrast that with everything Donald Trump was able to achieve in his 4 years. Read More.
American Agenda
The Biden prosecution of Donald Trump in New York is taking away significant resources from violent crime throughout the city. We're seeing violent antisemitic protests, funded by Joe Biden's donors, happening on college campuses in the same city. I think these resources would be betters spent on that. Every child should be able to play safely in their yard and every student should be able to safely attend classes. Read More.
The Bottom Line
Liberal policies are very unpopular. If Americans want more crimes, more border chaos, and more campus protestors they know who to vote for. The American people desire law and order, safe streets, and a sealed border. Democrats can't beat Donald Trump at the ballot box so they're trying to do everything they can to take him off the playing field. Read More.
America Reports
Michael Avenatti is suggesting that Stormy Daniels has been hiding her income to avoid paying the judgement Donald Trump has against her for almost $600,000. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the defense uses it in cross-examination to impeach her or suggest that she's not an honest person and maybe even has personal animus against Donald Trump. Read More.
America Reports
Twice before in written statements Stormy Daniels denied that anything ever happened with Donald Trump. This looks like extortion in the context of the 2016 election and the pressure it would have put on Trump's family. Stormy Daniels' statement has changed several times now as well. The question will be if she was lying then or if she's lying now. Read More.
Fox News @ Night
Matthew Colangelo left his spot as number 3 at the DOJ to help Leticia James's office with their Trump case. Now he is working as one of the trial lawyers in Donald Trump's New York case. This an obvious effort by the left, coordinated by the White House, to keep Donald Trump off the campaign trail and prevent him from talking about the important issues facing the American People. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
The biggest problem for the prosecution in Trump's New York case is that they are not delivering on their promise. Every witness has gone on to undermine the core of their case, that these payments were known by Donald Trump to be illegal. That's wrong on the law, they were not illegal. This is all a card trick that will be overturned. Read More.
Saturday Report
Judge Merchan has threatened Donald Trump with jail time for violating his gag order. This is unconstitutional and one-sided. It prevents him from speaking out, campaigning, and responding to attacks. The American people see the fundamental unfairness of these trials for what they are. Read More.
FOX & Friends First
The DOJ is committing significant resources toward prosecuting Donald Trump and it shows a lack of curiosity and priorities. They should be focused on the acts of crime and civil rights violations taking place on our college campuses and in our major cities. This is a misallocation of resources toward things that don't matter and are not going to make Americans safer. Read More.
America Reports
Nationwide protests at college campuses are unfolding and we're not hearing any appreciation from the Biden administration about the tough position their terrible policies are putting law enforcement in. Police officers are walking a tight rope between maintaining law and order, but at the same time respecting peoples First Amendment rights. The Biden Administration's messaging is terrible. Read More.
Judge Merchan's gag order on President Trump is unconstitutional and meant to keep the leading republican candidate from the campaign trail. It's ridiculous that there is even a threat to President Trump speaking his mind as he's being attacked from Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, and even President Biden. This is a complete railroad job against the former president. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
It's ridiculous to spend money overseas securing another country's border and leave ours wide open. The world is less safe and American neighborhoods are less safe under Joe Biden. Every instinct Joe Biden has about policy is wrong. It's not working for real Americans who continuously feel under pressure. Under Donald Trump America was more successful and safe. Read More.
The Evening Edit
The FBI says the U.S. is at the highest threat level since 9/11 due to our open border. It's clear we need to do a better job at shutting the border down, making sure asylum seekers remain in Mexico until their claim is ready for hearing, and only allowing people to come in through ports of entry. Implementing a few common sense measures would solve the problem tomorrow, but Biden refuses. Read More.
American Agenda
It's disappointing that Trump's New York case is not live on TV. Democrats have overplayed their hand and now their weakest case is playing itself out in trial. This case is a set of facts in search of a law that was broken. If these trials were televised it would likely be a very different story. Read More.

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