The Story With Martha MacCallum
Jack Smith comes off as petty and vindictive. The new charges added to President Trump's case don't add anything new to the case except a new defendant. Read More.
Wake Up America
The American people are witnessing our two-tiered justice system. As Hunter and Joe Biden are barely being investigated the DOJ piles on Donald Trump. Everyone understands President Trump is fighting for all of us. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
Merrick Garland wants Donald Trump to be prosecuted. Every time we see something new in the Trump case it happens in the context of Hunter Biden's case falling apart and the water heating around Joe Biden. Read More.
Congress has done a great job of revealing violations by the Biden family. The FD-1023 is a road map. Thank God there's a judge on the case that was willing to actually stand for justice. The fact that there was an investigation prior to the 2020 election that was stopped shows that Merrick Garland and the entire DOJ leadership is corrupt and covering for Joe Biden. Read More.
Wake Up America
It's concerning that Hunter Biden's attorneys and the prosecutors seem to have had cut a deal that gave Hunter broad immunity for the two plea charges. It looks like the judge is standing up for the interest of justice now though. Due to statute of limitations the government is going to have to charge or resolve these issues in the next year. Read More.
John Bachman Now
It's a shame that the American people can't see inside the courthouse while the Hunter Biden agreement is being hashed out. No one has seen the charging document or the plea agreement. There seems to be a little Kabuki theater going on as the government says they're still investigation Hunter so that Congress can't access documents. Read More.
As Americans we have so much to be proud of and thankful for. Read More.
Hunter Biden's lawyer gets caught on balcony with a bong during meeting. Read More.
Go see "Sound of Freedom", It's an incredibly important film! I've been working on human trafficking for over 20 years and the issue is worse now than it's ever been. Read More.
Just Stop Oil gets a surprise reaction from a pregnant woman in London. Read More.
The "Miss Italy" pageant goes traditional Read More.
American Agenda Part 1
Each time news drops about Trump investigations it suspiciously lines up with big information coming out about the Biden's. There are potential recorded phone calls from VP Joe Biden that might becoming out and Devon Archer, Hunter Biden's business partner and friend, is supposed to testify in front of Congress. Read More.
American Agenda Part 2
The American people are going to get the same choice between candidates this presidential cycle as in 2020. However, this time without all of the covid nonsense. Republicans need to use the tools available and not fight with one arm tied behind their back. Read More.
American Agenda Part 3
As we come into an election cycle where the President will possibly be under investigation we're reminded that the DOJ operates independent from the President. There's a methodical process the FBI and DOJ should work under these circumstances. The most problematic investigations are when regular order isn't followed. Read More.
American Agenda Part 4
Israel never adopted a constitution so their Supreme Court has taken over determining what is in the best interest of the country. We're seeing liberals on the court with a super veto at odds with the people of Israel who want to restructure. Read More.

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