The Faulkner Focus Pt 1
Another day of trial with another witness and the prosecution is nowhere close to an allegation or any evidence of illegality. The jury is probably pretty frustrated with the prosecution by now, being four weeks in with nothing to hang their hat on. One thing the jury has access to is Michael Cohen's nonverbal communication. That's going to be worth as much as the words coming out of his mouth. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus Pt 2
Michael Cohen has talked a lot about this case. He's done interviews with magazines, went in front of Congress and lied, got convicted... Cohen has told this story many times. Now the prosecution is expecting him to say more here at trial than he has ever said. That's very dangerous for them. The jury is going to have to decide if he was lying then or if he's lying now. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus Pt 3
Michael Cohen has said that when Donald Trump took office he was hoping to get a position as Attorney General or White House Counsel. When he didn't get that he was very disappointed and almost angry. The second thing is that when Cohen didn't receive a pardon from Trump it changed everything for him. I think Michael Cohen has had an axe to grind and that will all come out in trial. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus Pt 4
Michael Cohen has been on all sides of this story so he's going to need to pick a lane and stick with it today. The most interesting thing I'm watching to see is if he makes up new testimony. If he tries to prove the intent element, not only will it be an interesting development, but highly likely he made it up in the moment. Read More.
Wake Up America
Judge Merchan has demonstrated bias and conflict all the way through Trump's case. Be it through his preliminarily rulings on Alvin Bragg's ridiculous legal theories or his gag orders that only apply to Donald Trump, this is a travesty of justice. Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate for president, there should be no restriction on what he can say. Read More.
Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo Pt 1
Being a convicted felon and perjurer, Michael Cohen is going to have a hard time telling a story that's not completely impeachable. The case is based on him and the jury has to believe him beyond a reasonable doubt. I don't believe that's a standard the prosecution is going to be able to achieve with Michael Cohen. Read More.
Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo Pt 2
There isn't any doubt that the Biden White House has coordinated with the Trump prosecutors. It plays out through visits to the White House and the DOJ moving Matthew Colangelo around to coordinate with both Leticia James and Alvin Bragg. This entire thing is an obvious attempt by the left to keep Donald Trump off the campaign trail and keep the American People distracted from Biden's horrible record. Read More.
Saturday Report
The Stormy Daniels trial in New York has been a complete circus so far. This case will probably be studied for a long time in how not to manage a trial by a judge. I think a mistrial or appeal are certainly in the cards, but there could also be a directed verdict. We'll be watching closely at the close of the evidence by the state if the judge decides there is no case to be had. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
There should be a mistrial in the Stormy Daniels case. All of the evidence that has come in from Stormy Daniels is prejudicial with no probative value whatsoever. It was done to score cheap political points. Now the prosecution has Michael Cohen who is going to be much worse than Daniels, I think they risk a directed verdict. Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show
We talk about the two-tiered justice system in the United States frequently. So far, there have been about two thousand arrests of these Hamas sympathizers protesting and violating the law, many of them in Washington D.C. and George Washington University. It will be very interesting to see if they are held to the same standard as folks who went into the Capitol on January 6th. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
At the end of the day it ends up being a credibility issue for the prosecution in Trump's New York case. Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen both lack credibility and have been caught in different versions of their story. Ultimately, this is a bookkeeping case in which the only victim was Donald Trump. This entire case is a distraction from the major issues concerning Americans right now. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
Trump's case in Georgia and his documents case in Florida may never see the light of day. Judge Cannon is going to have to go through a complicated process to see what classified information will be admitted at trial. Also, Judge Cannon is taking up the motion for selective prosecution which suggests Joe Biden and Mike Pence have had a pass from similar behaviors, so why are they going after Donald Trump? That should be a fascinating discussion in her Florida courthouse. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
Stormy Daniels has told her story many times and human nature makes it hard to recount the same details multiple times. The question is if the jury will believe her. Remember, this is a person that has signed 2 different letters denying this ever happened in the first place. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
New York's case against Donald Trump is undermining the rule of law and the faith of a lot of Americans in our judicial system. New York attorneys and judges should be concerned about the long-term impact this has on our courts, not only New York, but nationwide. The American People are aghast that this is happening right now in our judicial system, which is supposed to be the best in the world. Read More.
Eric Bolling The Balance
There's no precedent in any of the cases against Trump, they're all novel legal theories. The rule of law is eroding before our eyes and nobody involved in these processes is standing up for it except Donald Trump who has an unconstitutional gag order placed on him. President Trump is being threatened with prison for telling the truth. Read More.

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