The Faulkner Focus
When we target individuals first, and then assign crimes, it devolves into a system where the rule of law is not respected and there is no equal protection. This road ends in complete chaos, a dystopian future the left desires. I hope Congress is successful in passing laws to defund the prosecutors who have weaponized our justice system. Read More.
The Story With Martha MacCallum
For the first time in American history a state court charged a federal campaign election violation. Alvin Bragg was allowed to not disclose the alleged underlying crime in Trump's case until the very end. It's unprecedented and will not stand on appeal. The entire point was for the left to slam the case through and get a conviction during election season. Read More.
Morning in America
Hunter Biden's current trial is the less important of the two he's facing. His tax trial will certainly get closer to finding out where he made money, why he didn't account for it, and showing the millions that flowed into Biden inc. during Joe Biden's Vice Presidency. Read More.
Saturday Report
An appeal is necessary in Trump's case to right so many of the wrongs that took place. There were obvious violations of Trump's 5th and 6th Amendment rights as well as decisions by Judge Merchan meant to benefit the prosecution. This case is an outrage to anyone who believes in the rule of law with fair and impartial justice. Read More.
Eric Bolling The Balance
The United States is on the precipice of complete and utter chaos in our legal system. After the obvious violations of federal law by Juge Merchan and Alvin Bragg in the prosecution of Donald Trump, we look no different than a banana republic. We're going to have to fight harder than we've ever fought before to restore this constitutional republic. Read More.
America Reports Pt 1
No state prosecutor has brought a federal election claim as a predicate offense or a direct violation, Trump was the first time it's ever happened. In the Hunter Biden case no one had ever got the sweetheart plea deal the was proposed in front of Judge Noreika where he got a slap on the wrist for tax violations and a prosecution agreement for the gun charges. Each case is unprecedented, however with Trump they are much more aggressive. Read More.
America Reports Pt 2
The Trump case ultimately might end up at the Supreme Court. Most likely the Trump team will appeal to SCOTUS and then they will have a choice to take it up immediately or let it work its way through the Court of Appeals. The New York Courts of Appeal will have to pretzel themselves to explain the 5th and 6th Amendment violations. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
Our Founding Fathers created a system that we inherited through generations and it's our job to preserve it. The left is trying to deconstruct it at every turn. We're going to have to fight harder than we ever have before, our country's future depends on it. Read More.
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo
Today is a sad day in American history. I'm concerned for the future of our country. This isn't the United States system of justice. The verdict against Donald Trump was unprecedented and we're all going to have to do unprecedented things to maintain and restore our Republic. Read More.
The idea that the jury doesn't need to be unanimous concerning what crime Donald Trump was allegedly covering up is outrageous. The defendant is entitled to notice of what crimes they're being charged with. The theory of the case allows for one of three things, none of which were included in the indictment. So now the jury is allowed to choose their adventure. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus Pt 1
The Southern District of New York and Alvin Bragg's predecessor both passed on Trump's case in New York. The alleged crimes had past the statute of limitations, for years. Now Joe Biden is using this trial to message, sending his surrogates to have press conferences outside the courthouse. It's obvious to everyone that this was brought by Democrats who want to try and inflict political pain on Trump. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus Pt 2
Judge Merchan has clearly violated federal law in his instructions. Ramos v. Louisiana and Andres v. United States hold that you have to be unanimous in all the elements of a crime. The jury has been given a menu to choose from here instead. This is offensive to the rule of law and clearly suggests the judge is putting his thumb dramatically on the scale. Read More.
Wake Up America
Donald Trump is being prosecuted in New York based on federal election law. States cannot enforce federal laws. Judge Merchan prevented an expert witness on federal election law from testifying on behalf of Donald Trump in this case. Judge Merchan has demonstrated at every turn that he is trying to force a conviction against Donald Trump. Read More.
Morning in America
Judge Merchan's jury instructions were confusing so this morning the jury will have to rehear some of the instructions. Federal law says, and the U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed, that you need to be unanimous in all the elements of a crime in order to convict someone. Judge Merchan has instructed the opposite. It's perplexing to have the possibility of taking someones liberty away for a crime that a jury can't agree on. Read More.
Varney & Co
The biggest problem for the prosecution in Trump's New York case has been their legal theory. All the way through the case witnesses were heard who could not put their thumb on a crime. During the state's meandering summation yesterday the state looked like they were throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick. Read More.

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