Prime News | Newsmax
Congress is doing great work uncovering Biden family business dealings with China, law enforcement now needs to step up... Read More.
The Evening Edit | Fox Business
The White House has big problems as more information comes out about the Biden business dealings... Read More.
The Bottom Line | Fox Business
The investigation into the Biden family has widened considerably. Business dealings with China and Ukraine are correctly being scrutinized. Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
The Southern District of New York has already looked at the Trump case and concluded there is nothing there, this is a vindictive prosecution by the Manhattan DA... Read More.
John Bachman Now | Newsmax
The FISA Court ok'd an improper warrant against Carter Page during Russiagate. Section 702 is concerning and needs to be looked at very closely as it comes up for renewal... Read More.
The Evening Edit | Fox Business Network
The rioters in Atlanta came from other states and even other countries. We should not be allowing "Autonomous Zones" to exist around the country. Read More.
Wake Up America Weekend | Newsmax
Conservatives are being targeted while criminals on the left are being protected at the DoJ. Read More.
Spicer & Co. | Newsmax
Merrick Garland was insincere in describing the DoJ's priorities. It's been clear that there are vastly different approaches to criminal behavior from the political left and right. Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
Merrick Garland has politicized the Department of Justice. The AG is not up to the task of addressing America's two-tier justice system. Read More.
Greg Kelley Reports | Newsmax
The case against President Trump in Georgia was weak to begin with. The media blitz by this wild jury forewoman completely undercuts the credibility of the prosecutor... Read More.
The Evening Edit | Fox Business Network
The forewoman for the Georgia grand jury against former President Trump has certainly undermined the prosecution in that case... Read More.
Mornings with Maria | Fox Business Network
The damage done by letting China send intelligence balloons over the United States is incalculable and the Biden administration won't address it. Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
James Clapper's reputation has been eroded over the years. It was clear at the time, the 51 intelligence officials covering for the Biden family were trying to affect the 2020 presidential election... Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show | Newsmax
China is laughing at the disfunction in the Biden administration as their spy balloon was able to operate unencumbered over sensitive sites across America... Read More.
Wake Up America Weekend | Newsmax
Mike Pence will likely now need a special counsel appointed as well. The DoJ needs a smarter and more discerning leader at its helm... Read More.

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