Wake Up America
The Peter Navarro trial shows that nobody from the Trump administration can get a fair trial in Washington DC. We're witnessing two-tier justice across America in blue cities. I doubt that the DOJ will go after Democrats held in contempt by a Republican Congress with nearly the same vigor. Read More.
Fox & Friends
The potential upcoming indictment of Hunter Biden is only a very small part of what he's facing. This case is like no other I've ever seen, no one would get this kind of sweetheart deal. There's a long way to go here, there's a lot of circumstantial evidence showing Joe Biden benefited from Hunter Biden's business deals. Read More.
Mornings with Maria
At every step of the way the Hunter Biden case was handled differently by the DOJ than any other case would be. Congress needs to get to the bottom of how Hunters trial team and defense lawyers found out about important developments. Read More.
The left is trying to take the American people out of the equation with novel legal theories. They know Trump continues to be popular and they fear he's going to win the election. There's no way ultimately that this will be successful. Read More.
Fox & Friends First
The left wants to disqualify Trump because he's effective, they're worried about him becoming president. The constitution gives power to the people and they get to decide who leads this country. The specious legal theory being used against Trump is antithetical to what the Founding Father's intended for us. Read More.
Fox News Live
Hunter Biden texted his sister saying he had to give 50 percent of his income to Joe. Hunter is given over a million dollars from Burisma in Ukraine and several million dollars from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow. There's a lot circumstantial evidence already available in this investigation. This could be an explosion heard all over DC. Read More.
Joe Biden's use of pseudonyms is interesting. It's concerning to see him using multiple accounts, including Gmail accounts. We're just scratching the service on this, there are thousands of sensitive emails Vice President Biden sent to Hunter for business purposes. Throughout this investigation the American people are going to learn a lot more about how the Biden family was able to be enriched well beyond what 40 years of public service could provide. Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
The entire RICO conspiracy the Fulton County DA has put together is a novel legal theory that has never been tested. It tramples all over 1st Amendment constitutional rights. American's are right to be outraged about this. I'm totally in favor of the public being able to see this unfold. Read More.
Saturday Report
Fulton County will air Donald Trump's trial on their YouTube channel. This is going to be a spectacle, but I don't think it's going to go exactly as they hope. Many American's are going to tune in and see how weak and speculative this RICO case really is. Read More.
Wake Up America
The Obama/Biden administration could easily approve the release of requested documents from their administration but instead they're stonewalling. These documents are the smoking gun that show Joe Biden gave intelligence to his son, Hunter, that was not publicly available. It will be interesting to find out how Joe Biden's public service afforded him beach front property in Delaware. Read More.
Frontline with Carl Higbie
Joe Biden appears to have known very well what Hunter was doing with Ukraine. Joe provided insider information as Vice President so that Hunter could have credibility and do business with Ukrainian oligarchs. Read More.
Joe Biden has been caught. There are over a thousand emails that demonstrate how closely intertwined Joe and Hunter Biden were as it related to the Ukraine. Hunter was given important information so he could prove to his contacts in Ukraine that he had access to the Vice President. This keeps exploding. Read More.
The Count
The American people see the pattern of creative prosecutors in deep blue districts politicizing their positions. These prosecutors are trying to punish their enemies, the process is the punishment. We've never seen anything like this, it's unprecedented in American history. Read More.
Varney & Co
The polarization and weaponization of the criminal justice system is the biggest challenge we face as a society. It's going to take a lot of work and a lot of people to bring America back. Read More.
The Democrats have scheduled Trump's first trial for the day before Super Tuesday. These are all planned and coordinated to prevent Donald Trump from being strong enough to win the election in November. It won't work, they can't stop Trump. Read More.

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