Democrats in blue States and blue jurisdictions are solely focused on taking Donald Trump down. Ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court is going to have to get involved, Donald Trump has been denied fundamental due process. This is the kind of lawfare and outcome-based prosecutions that lead to the end of Republics. We need good people to stand up to this. Read More.
Your World With Neil Cavuto
If there were no damages and no basis for anyone losing any money in Trump's New York case, what is this $370 Million based upon? The law requires that it be related to something tangible. It seems like the entire point is to put a big enough number on the scoreboard to put Donald Trump out of business. Ordinary Americans see this for what it is, a blue state punishing Donald Trump for his beliefs. Read More.
The Story With Martha MacCallum
Donald Trump is not only a fighter working on behalf of the American people but he's a genuinely good human being. He's tireless and will continue to fight through. Each one of the cases is brought against Trump has been brought on by his political opponents. This is not how justice is done in the United States of America. Read More.
American Agenda
The judgement against Donald Trump in New York is a ridiculous ruling by a ridiculous judge. This miscarriage of justice will likely be overturned. This is the first time someone has been convicted of fraud for millions of dollars where there is no victim or even a person who complained of fraud. Judge Engoron decided Trump's liability in this case before it even began. Read More.
Rob Schmitt Tonight
Fani Willis' testimony raised some red flags yesterday. She and Wade are now both sworn to a version of facts that will either be true or not. We should have cameras in every federal courtroom, especially with what's at stake in 2024. Justice can be a little bit like making sausage. The American people need to be able to see the demeanor of the witnesses and to see how they answer questions. Read More.
The Story with Martha MacCallum - Part 1
This is why we need cameras in the courtroom. Every one of Trump's proceedings should be broadcasted for the public to see. Mr. Wade was just dismantled. This judge has a real mess on his hands trying to sort through who's credible and who's not credible. Those watching at home need to pay close attention to the objections of the State Attorney. Read More.
The Story with Martha MacCallum - Part 2
Fani Willis is doing a fairly good job of telling her side of the story. She's not allowing herself to be pinned down in her answers, there's a lot of gamesmanship taking place. Live TV in the courtroom is valuable because we can all asses an individual's credibility by watching their mannerisms and posture. Read More.
The National Report
D.A. Fani Willis is in court today for a hearing to decide if she should be removed form Trump's case in Georgia. Her inappropriate relationship with Nathan Wade coupled with a money laundering scheme where Wade was overpaid for false billing statements have the potential to see her removed. We're only still in the fact finding portion of this case though, this could continue for a couple days. Read More.
Eric Bolling The Balance
The FBI has many rank and file members that are good people but there's a lot of rot within leadership and the 7th floor. The FBI has no interest in investigating the Biden family. There's vulnerability within the Biden family through Hunter Biden who was willing to do business with countries that don't like us very much. What this leads to is a compromised President of the United States. Read More.
Tony Bobulinski knows a lot about Joe and Hunter Biden's business dealings. He can help connect the dots for the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees. The FBI has been very uninterested in these transactions. Bobulinski has said that the complicated Biden LLC's were to shield Joe Biden and give him plausible deniability. Read More.
Varney & Co.
Joe Biden is a dramatic problem for the U.S. Presidency. He's clearly lost a step and not as sharp as he once was. We can also all see the political drama. Biden's DOJ is targeting his political opponent, at a time when they're giving him a pass for the same thing. We're in a very consequential moment in American history. Read More.
Fox & Friends First
Fani Willis is probably going to be disqualified from Trump's Fulton County case after the upcoming evidentiary hearing. It appears that she excessively paid the Special Counsel she hired in order to benefit from it. It could be a lot worse for Fani than it initially appears. If someone does replace her it will be interesting to see how much enthusiasm to get Trump remains. Read More.
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo
Joe Biden would have had to take classified documents from the Senate S.C.I.F. in a clandestine manner to get them out. He was not able to have these documents as a Senator and he had no Presidential Records Act allowing him to retain documents. In ever instance Joe Biden's case is worse than Trump's. Getting off on his medical incapacity is causing all sorts of political consequences for the White House. Read More.
Sunday Report
Joe Biden is certainly experiencing cognitive issues. Each member of the cabinet is going to need to decide if the 25th Amendment needs to be invoked or not. It appears that Democrats have fear about Vice President Harris not being up to being President. There needs to be some serious conversations amongst the cabinet about all of this. Read More.
FOX and Friends Saturday
Biden's Special Counsel said that the case against Joe Biden would not be successful against a jury due to memory problems. Either Joe Biden is qualified to stand trial and be President or he is incapable of both. This is obvious two-tiered justice. This exact same case against Donald Trump resulted in a raid against Mar-a-Lago with charges. Not only was Joe Biden allowed to cooperate but he's also given no consequence. Read More.

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