The Evening Edit
Illinois Democrat voters are threatening to disrupt the 2024 Democratic National Convention. Joe Biden's policies are failing the citizens of Chicago and voters have every right to protest. American's are paying billions of dollars in taxes with an expectation of services that are now being provided to illegal immigrants. Read More.
Fox & Friends
We can't forget about all the transactions, the loans, the LLC's, and how many of Joe Biden's family were enriched by this multi-year money scheme. Congress needs get into the documents and ask Hunter, who was the pivot point, for the explantation. Read More.
Hunter Biden is playing a high stakes game with Congress. If Hunter doesn't show up for his subpoenaed deposition he should be held in contempt and prosecuted by the DOJ just like every other witness. This is just one part of the defense as well, he's still facing pending gun charges and potential tax charges from California. Read More.
The Ingraham Angle
Elon Musk is taking Media Matters to court for manufacturing evidence against the X platform. This is a big deal. Conservatives have been deplatformed , demonetized and assaulted by left-wing groups for far too long. Finally someone is forcing them into court and making them defend their actions and activities. Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
Joe Biden is struggling, it's hard to watch. His administration in incompetent. Be it the border, our economy, the Afghanistan withdrawal, or the current geopolitical situations around the world, It's clear to American's things are not running well in DC. Young voters are shifting to Donald Trump in large number. Read More.
Mornings with Maria Bartiromo
The gag order on Donald Trump is an interesting case for all Americans. The government's ability to restrict speech is purposefully limited. We're going to find out where that edge is as this case moves forward, this case is likely going to the Supreme Court. Read More.
We would call this 'Organized Crime' in any other context but the Biden Family. The lack of curiosity by the Department of Justice is incredibly disappointing. At some point, this entire story is going to be revealed and it will be disgusting. Read More.
Fox & Friends First
Hunter Biden wants to subpoena former President Trump, former AG Bill Barr and others. Hunter admitted in his own book that he possessed his gun illegally. It's going to be hard for him to demonstrate that the prosecution was politically motivated. If he succeeds, it would be interesting to see what happens when Donald Trump is able to call witnesses in his current cases. Read More.
Sunday Report
It's really significant that Hunter Biden has finally been subpoenaed. The question now is if the Biden's will show up or if they'll rely on Merrick Garland to help them run out the clock. We've all seen the checks for Joe Biden. President Biden's lifestyle dramatically exploded after his Vice Presidency. It's now up to the House to lay out the Biden scheme and coverup. Read More.
Trump's lawyers are asking that his DC case be televised, but Special Counsel Jack Smith is opposed to it. This case is nationally important and should absolutely be televised. The fact that the US government and Department of Justice oppose it shows that they're trying to do this under cover of darkness. Read More.
Mornings With Maria Bartiromo
If Israel's October 7th attack taught us anything it's that we need to pay a lot more attention to who's in our country and what their intentions are. The crisis at our Southern border is probably the most important national security issue we have. Read More.
Fox News Live
We need to shut the border down until we gain operational control. Director Wray’s testimony on the state of our southern border, and apparent gaps in intelligence, is very alarming. With millions coming through illegally, this poses a serious national security risk. Americans must be vigilant. Read More.
The judge in Trump's New York trial may not have had the right evidence in front of him when he valued Mar-a-Lago. He's probably a little concerned after the testimony from Trump and family members. There are no victims in this case anyway, every bank has been paid back. Read More.
Fox News @ Night
Hundreds of people who were on the terror watchlist have tried entering the country, DHS has admitted to losing at least 12 of them inside the US. We're in a very serious moment. American's need to pay attention to what's going on around them. Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show
Every free thinker that loves the American way should be incredibly concerned with Trump's case in New York. It's clear that the State of New York is trying to push Donald Trump out of business. All while we have clear evidence of Biden family corruption and the DOJ refuses to pursue it. Read More.

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