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Lindsay Keith [00:00:00] Joining us now with reaction is former US attorney and former acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker. General, welcome back to the show. Good to see you. I was talking to Sean about this earlier when you read the Durham report. There's a lot of bad stuff in there. But there's a difference between bad and illegal. So from a legal standpoint, is there anything in the Durham report that points to criminal activity by Clinton's campaign? 

Matt Whitaker [00:00:24] Well, it's good to be with you, Lindsey, and I'm looking forward to this discussion because first of all, what we have out of Durham is a is a court filing, and he's trying to point out why Mr. Sussman and others have a conflict with lawyers, have a conflict in representing all of the clients in this matter. And he drops a couple of paragraphs that it's really that really piqued a lot of people's interest. And that is where he alleges. And he says the facts will show that that the White House was spied on in addition to Trump Tower and the Trump campaign. And this is this is an extraordinary revelation. The fact that internet traffic, DNS, which is the resolution of the email addresses and where they where emails are routed to ultimately was being viewed, watched and collected for ultimately to use against President Trump. The point that, you know, some fake narrative that he was an asset of Russia and remember, you mentioned the Mueller report, Lindsay. It's so important to point out that in all 400 pages, not once did they ever allege that they found a connection or any evidence connecting the Trump campaign with the Russian government. 

Sean Spicer [00:01:39] OK, so walk, walk me through like, what's next, so this thing comes out Friday night. You know, you kind of walk through some of the allegations that are in there. So you know, how does what's the next step in this process and when will we find out, you know, what, what some of the when some of the other people who are involved in this or, you know, will someone be charged, et cetera? 

Matt Whitaker [00:02:00] Right. That's a great question Sean. I think what ultimately is going to happen is remember, this is an ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Durham. And what he is going to continue to work on is work his way up the chain. You know, he's dealing with right now, the people that were executing this, this spying operation illegal or certainly unethical and and highly suspect, and he's going to then work his way up the chain ultimately to, you know, whether that's people like Hillary Clinton or Marc Elias or others that were involved. You know, Jake Sullivan's fingerprints are all over this situation because ultimately somebody and I'm sure John Durham knows right now, but somebody came up with this grand plan of trying to get Hillary Clinton out of hot water because she was under investigation or her email server. And ultimately, they would be tried and successfully created a smokescreen that caused the FBI and other intelligence agencies to launch their own investigation. So Sean. I mean, I know it takes forever in these investigations, and Durham has been exceptionally slow. But I would my understanding about where they are right now is, you know, we are maybe halfway through this investigation. There's still a lot of work to do. 

Lindsay Keith [00:03:16] Talk to us about special counsel John Durham because there are some in the media who are trying to paint him as this political hack. So explain to our audience who he is and the scope of this investigation. 

Matt Whitaker [00:03:27] Well, I want to remind everybody that John Durham was hired as a special counsel by the Obama administration to look into certain matters. We used him to look into a classified investigation, a leak investigation and and now General Barr has assigned him with looking into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. And so, you know, I mean, he is a career DOJ person. He is not a Partizan. He's not a politician. He is a very good prosecutor that's spent his whole career dedicated to the rule of law. And he has been trusted by both Democrats and Republicans in the most important investigations to get to the bottom of it. He is not fast. He is. He is never going to set the world on fire. He is going to follow the evidence where it goes, apply the law to it. And if people need to be charged, they will be charged. 

Sean Spicer [00:04:24] So you mentioned Jake Sullivan, he's currently Joe Biden's national security adviser. He was part of this. What? I don't know what you want to call it scheme in 2016. We put out the statement claiming that there's this connection between Alfa Bank and Donald Trump, right? And then Hillary Clinton tweets it all out. He's now, as I mentioned, the national security adviser. This all goes to the FBI. So, I mean, Lindsay asked that at the outset they create this fake narrative. This is politics that's dirty. But is that a crime? 

Matt Whitaker [00:04:59] Yeah. Sean, will you were there, I was there and we saw sort of how disruptive this fake narrative was to the administration of the first couple of years of the Trump administration. You know, we don't know yet exactly what happened. My understanding of everyone that has had a piece or part of this investigation is that there were there have been questions asked of these key players, both by Congress and by law enforcement and by the Durham folks. And they are now trying to piece together who's telling the truth and who's not telling the truth. I think ultimately, though, we're probably looking at something akin to a conspiracy here. And I think once all the pieces and parts fall into place, I think that's when you could see John Durham really strike with a big charge once he gets his arms around who was in this conspiracy and what illegal acts did that conspiracy do? 

Sean Spicer [00:06:00] So let me let me just ask you this, and I know this is a tough question to answer. But like if you're Jake Sullivan right now today, are you calling a lawyer? 

Matt Whitaker [00:06:11] You know, I would assume he is I mean, you just never can be too cautious in this situation, especially if you can see that the arrows are starting to point towards you. You know, I mean, a guy like that, it seems to me that he's fairly arrogant and that he probably doesn't believe he did anything wrong. And that to your point, he was just playing politics. And, you know, the law enforcement is the one that misinterpreted what was going on. But at the end of the day, you know, while there are dirty tricks in politics, this whole try to get the other side investigated and prosecuted just takes it way too far. And if you lie to law enforcement, you should be held accountable. 

Lindsay Keith [00:06:49] Great. Yes. Right? Attorney General Matt Whitaker, I appreciate your insight. Thanks for being here. 

Matt Whitaker [00:06:53] Good to see you both. 

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