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Grant Stinchfield [00:00:00] The thing that Hillary Clinton's campaign paid a tech firm in 2016 to infiltrate and spy on then candidate Trump and ultimately the White House, this espionage spy operation lasted into Trump's presidency, according to these court filings. Remember? Remember this tweet from Hillary Clinton? Let's put it up on the screen. Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian based bank. Those computer scientists we're now apparently paid for by Hillary Clinton. You've got to be kidding me. We now know they worked for her and listen to Clinton's top foreign policy adviser at the time, Jake Sullivan. You know, this guy is now Joe Biden's national security adviser. He acted as though he cracked the case on Trump's made up ties to Russia. Of course, being broadcast by the fake news of all CNN. 

Jake Sullivan [00:00:52] What we learned during the campaign was that very serious computer science experts, people who work closely with the United States government had uncovered this secret hotline between the Alfa Bank, the Russian bank and the Trump Organization. 

Grant Stinchfield [00:01:09] This is outrageous. They're paying for it, he was working for the campaign. President Trump called this a witch hunt and a hoax back then, and he is right. This crime is worse than Watergate, and the media's not covering it. Joining me now on the slew of indictments that could be coming down the pipeline, should be coming down the pipeline is former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, a man who just oversaw the Justice Department during part of that Mueller probe that ultimately really vindicated President Trump. Matt, welcome to the program. 

Matt Whitaker [00:01:43] Good to see you, Grant. 

Grant Stinchfield [00:01:46] Did you have any indications of this when you were in the Justice Department, is it surprise you? 

Matt Whitaker [00:01:50] No, what I did know and what I found out as soon as I took over the Department of Justice was there was no evidence of the link between Trump campaign and the Russian government. That was clear. And there continues to be in there never was. What is happening now is and what has been uncovers exactly what you're saying. It is a digital Watergate. There were original crimes and then there was a cover up. Jake Sullivan, Mr. Sussman and others participated in what appears to me to be a conspiracy. You know, and this this is the hook and listen to me very carefully on this Grant because I've talked to some people that in addition to myself, that have just pieces and parts of this. And what's very clear to me is that when these folks in 2017 and 2018 went up to Capitol Hill as part of, you know, Devin Nunes and others investigation that they were not truthful to members of Congress and their investigators, that's the same as lying to FBI agents one 1001 open and shut case and same thing that Mr. Susman is charged with and and others could be charged with. So I think this, you know, while Durham, I agree with you, has not been super fast in his investigation, we've been very deliberate. I think he is putting this together one block at a time, and once we see the full picture, there's going to be really blockbuster charges coming out of this. 

Grant Stinchfield [00:03:18] Matt, I went back below research today, and I found a Washington Post article from August 17, 2021 that said they had sources--this is The Washington Post for crying out loud--saying they had sources that someone had committed cyber attacks to generate communications to make it look like there was a Trump Russia Bank connection. This Alpha Bank. This is what this court filing relates to October 2020. Computer scientists testified before Durham's grand jury. This is out of The Washington Post. This all has to be related here, does it not? 

Matt Whitaker [00:03:55] It is. And what you see is that there were both. They were spying on the internet traffic, the email traffic coming out of the Trump campaign and Trump Tower. And then ultimately, they got access to through this university to the email traffic coming out of the Executive Office of the President. And again, all of that demonstrated that the president had no connections to the Russian government and that the Trump campaign did not coordinate with the Russian government. So this is where they're, you know, remember we had two plus years, maybe even four years, of just constant barrage of the Russian collusion fable. There was never a single fact that supported any of that. And yet it was bombshell after Bombshell Grant. I know you or just like me, you watch this in disbelief of the hyperventilating and the and the, you know, the walls are closing in night after night. I lived it at the Department of Justice and it came to be a big nothing. And it still is meant to your point. We need some justice here. 

Grant Stinchfield [00:04:58] So last question for you. I don't know what I'm missing here, while the mainstream media won't cover this, I mean, I know they're so biased that they want to just ignore it and bury it. But when you talk about trying to infiltrate White House servers, especially political foe of President Trump or campaign, you know, candidate Trump at the time, these are crimes to the highest level. I mean, crimes that I don't think President Trump is wrong when he says treason, it's espionage. It's it's an attempted coup. What do you make of the crimes that are alleged here? And how serious they are, if you can, in 30 seconds? For me, 

Matt Whitaker [00:05:30] they're incredibly serious. And this is what ultimately the American people need. They need to trust that the system works and that people that do wrong are held to account no matter their political persuasion. And we cannot continue to have a two tiered system of justice where Republicans get prosecuted on the weakest of links and to some extent, no links. And ultimately, Democrats skate free with no consequences for lying for year after year, and the media is complicit. And it's for pure political expediency, Grant, and it's sick and disgusting. 

Grant Stinchfield [00:06:06] Well, I believe it should be proven that Hillary Clinton knew about this, and that would mean that she would go to jail as well, but I don't know if this government has the has the you know what to make that happen, but we shall see. Former US acting attorney general Matt Whitaker. It's always good to see you, my friend. Thank you. 

Matt Whitaker [00:06:22] Great to see you. Grant. 
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