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  • 02/21/2022

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Rob Finnerty [00:00:00] Is it in self-imposed Easter deadline to confirm someone to the Supreme Court looks less and less likely? For more on what's going on, let's welcome in former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. Mr. Attorney General, great to see you again. Good morning. 

Matt Whitaker [00:00:12] Hey, Rob, good to see you again. 

Rob Finnerty [00:00:13] How bizarre is this? Stephen Breyer announced that he was retiring almost a month ago. We're now fifty nine days away from Easter Sunday. The clock's ticking and we still don't. We don't even have a name at this point. What? How unusual is this? 

Matt Whitaker [00:00:27] We don't. We have a list of names that we've seen and that list is ahead at least three names and then one wild card as a fourth. But you know, what we're seeing is there's a senator on the Democrat side that isn't how he had a stroke and he's not in Washington, D.C. So a nomination would have it would struggle to get 50 votes so that the vice president could break that tie. So I think there's a little bit of a stalling technique. There's no way they get this done by Easter. You know, they'd be lucky to get it done by the summer at this point in time. 

Rob Finnerty [00:00:59] Amy Coney Barrett broke that mold. She went from nomination to confirmation in about 30 days. What's the reason behind not at least releasing the name of this person who's supposedly fully qualified for the job? So the media can sort of, you know, take a look at this person's qualifications. 

Matt Whitaker [00:01:20] Yeah, the reason is you don't want to give any more time for, you know, opponents to destroy that person and do their background investigation because as soon as the names are issued, whether that's Judge Brown Jackson on the D.C. circuit, whether that's justice Krueger, on the California Supreme Court, whether that's Judge Childs down in South Carolina, that's Jim Climber's Pig or this wild card. You allow the forces in opposition to, you know, gather up, remember, you know, there could be a play here as we get further into the year by Senate Republicans to. try to stall out and see if they can make it through the midterm. 

Rob Finnerty [00:01:59] Well, they were successful. They did it with Merrick Garland, who's now the attorney general, but he was nominated to to be the next Supreme Court justice. And and Mitch McConnell ran out the clock and I'm thinking, here we are. We're two hundred and sixty five days from the midterms. The closer we get, the more likely that that seems to that could actually happen again, which is why if I were the administration, I'd be like, Let's get this person out there and get some random language. Yeah, absolutely. I want to talk about the bombshell Durham report. It revealed that Hillary Clinton did in fact spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 and might have contributed a whole lot of money to funding the Steele dossier through back channels. And now she's she's going to speak at a democratic event in New York City tonight. She's being touted as a possible candidate in 2024. What do you make of the findings from the report so far? 

Matt Whitaker [00:02:48] Well, all we have is two very interesting paragraphs from Durham on this filing. There is no doubt that the Clinton campaign did pay for the spying on Trump Tower and the interception of internet traffic, at least the DNS information through the DNS servers. And now the allegation come from Durham, which, you know, again, these are these are true, you know, kind of a right down the middle of the fairway kind of guy, right? Is the suggestion that they were also going to the White House? 

Rob Finnerty [00:03:15] Yeah, unbelievable. T. 

Matt Whitaker [00:03:16] His is this is bigger than Watergate. There's no doubt 

Rob Finnerty [00:03:18] that it's bigger than Watergate. You believe that. 

Matt Whitaker [00:03:22] I do I do, I think this is, you know, there was a crime and now there's the cover up and we're going to there's going to be people held accountable. 

Rob Finnerty [00:03:29] And she thinks she's going to be a candidate in 2024. Again, she's speaking at that fundraiser tonight. She tweeted this out yesterday. Nothing has changed with Hillary Clinton between now and 2016. She says Trump and Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. So it's a day that ends with why she's trying to be funny there. The more his misdeeds are exposed, the more they lie. For those interested in reality, here's a good debunking of their latest nonsense. It doesn't seem like anything's changed with Hillary Clinton. 

Matt Whitaker [00:04:02] No, she lives in her own reality, and it's oftentimes detached from what the rest of us live in, but you know, she is. You know, if she were about her background continued to come out because she, you know, she has climbed her way to the top, mostly through stepping on other people, right? And, you know, abusing the rule of law. 

Rob Finnerty [00:04:23] Yeah, it's a good point. Former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker. Good to see you again. Come back and see us soon. 

Matt Whitaker [00:04:30] Great to see you Rob, thank you. 

Rob Finnerty [00:04:30] All right. 

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