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Patrick Morrisey, WV Attorney General,  joins Liberty & Justice Season 2, Episode 19. Learn more about AG Morrisey’s work at https://patrickmorrisey.com 

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Since being elected West Virginia’s Attorney General in 2012, Patrick Morrisey has secured countless wins for the Mountain State and our West Virginia conservative values. He is nationally recognized as a leader in the fight against federal overreach.

Morrisey has been the public face of some of the nation’s most significant legal victories in recent years. He spearheaded America’s largest win against the deep administrative state in decades (WV v. EPA), a pivotal case for our state because it helps protect energy jobs and limits the ability of federal agencies to issue regulations without clear statements from Congress. He was a leading advocate of bringing constitutional carry to West Virginia citizens, led the effort to successfully defend the state’s school choice laws (one of the broadest in the country), and set up the first-ever Disability Fraud Unit in the state over Republican and Democratic opposition. He’s the first pro-life Attorney General in West Virginia history, and defends our states’ pro-life laws in Court without reservation.

With his unmatched experience and incredible success, Patrick Morrisey is now the leading Republican candidate for Governor of West Virginia. He is the only proven conservative who has taken on many of the biggest challenges facing West Virginians, and won. Patrick is running for Governor to put more money in the pockets of hardworking West Virginians, to advance educational excellence, supercharge economic and workforce growth, and protect families from the ravages of drugs and the woke, anti-freedom, socialist threats facing us today.
Under Morrisey’s leadership, West Virginia has aggressively attacked the opioid epidemic. He’s won numerous settlements against drug companies, bringing in a record-breaking amount of funds (over $1 billion with the counties and cities, and securing the highest per capita settlements in the nation) to be used to fight this epidemic. He has established a comprehensive agreement and plan for the state and all of its political subdivisions to address the drug and fentanyl problems holistically. Morrisey’s landmark agreement was widely praised, earning public votes of support from all 55 West Virginia counties and 34-0 and 94-0 votes in the state Senate and House.

Morrisey’s conservative values stem from his upbringing, instilled in him from his father, a World War II veteran and account manager for steel companies, and his mother, a VA registered nurse. The Attorney General put himself through college and law school by working multiple jobs and balancing his academic, athletic, and economic pursuits. His strength of character, hard work ethic, and perseverance were further strengthened after law school when he nearly endured bankruptcy. He waited tables, picked up odd jobs, practiced law, and put in very long hours to make ends meet.

A Rutgers College and Rutgers School of Law graduate, Morrisey has had a multi-faceted career in law and public service, including roles as a former Partner and Practice Chair at a major national law firm, a former Chairman of the Republican Attorney Generals Association, a former Chief Counsel to the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, an owner of his own law practice, and former professional Tennis Umpire (worked through the finals of the U.S. Open). Patrick is married to his wife, Denise, and they have one daughter, Julia. He moved to Harpers Ferry in 2006, after many years of visiting the state and taking in its beauty.

Matthew G. Whitaker was acting Attorney General of the United States (2018-2019).  Prior to becoming acting Attorney General, Mr. Whitaker served as Chief of Staff to the Attorney General. He was appointed as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa by President George W. Bush, serving from 2004-2009. Whitaker was the managing partner of Des Moines-based law firm, Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff LLP from 2009 until rejoining DOJ in 2017. He was also the Executive Director for FACT, The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust, an ethics and accountability watchdog, between 2014 and 2017.   Mr. Whitaker is the Author of the book--Above the Law, The Inside Story of How the Justice Department Tried to Subvert President Trump.  Buy Matt’s book here: https://amzn.to/3IXUOb8

Mr. Whitaker graduated with a Master of Business Administration, Juris Doctor, and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa.  While at Iowa, Mr. Whitaker was a three-year letterman on the football team where he received the prestigious Big Ten Medal of Honor.

Mr. Whitaker is now a Co-Chair of the Center for Law and Justice at America First Policy Institute and a Senior Fellow at the American Conservative Union Foundation. Matt is on the Board of Directors for America First Legal Foundation and is a Senior Advisor to IronGate Capital Advisors. He is also Of Counsel with the Graves Garrett law firm.  Whitaker appears regularly to discuss legal and political issues on Fox News, Newsmax and other news outlets.  He splits his time between Iowa, Florida and Washington, D.C.


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