Episode 10 with Kevin Hassett
Kevin Hassett is this episode’s guest on Liberty & Justice. Kevin was President Trump’s Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. Kevin and Matt discuss the current state of the economy, inflation and what to expect in the future. Read More.
Episode 9 with Jack Whitver
This week’s guest on Liberty & Justice is Jack Whitver, Iowa Senate Majority Leader. Matt Whitaker talks with Jack about the success of the conservative movement in Iowa and the Iowa caucuses. Learn more about Senator Jack Whitver on his website whitverforiowa.com or Twitter-- @jackwhitver... Read More.
Episode 8 with Kash Patel
Fmr. Department of Defense Chief of Staff, Kash Patel joins to discuss Russiagate, Democrats defunding the police, corruption at the DOJ, and much more... Read More.
Episode 7 with Gene Hamilton
Gene Hamilton, Executive Director of America First Legal Foundation joins Liberty & Justice with host Matt Whitaker, Former acting Attorney General, to discuss Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings and the Biden Administrations war on the rule of law. Read More.
Episode 6 with David Urban
David Urban and Matt Whitaker discuss the current situation in Pennsylvania politics, including the Senate and Governors race... Read More.
Episode 5 with General Keith Kellogg
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker talks with General Keith Kellogg about the current military situation in the Ukraine-Russia war and discuss the United States options... Read More.
Episode 4
Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker talks with former UFC light heavy weight champion Tito Ortiz and former UFC heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. Venture Capitalist Harrison Rogers also joined the conversation. During this conversation, both Tito Ortiz and Frank Mir shared their unique thoughts on the American Dream. Tito Ortiz, Frank Mir and Harrison Rogers are all taking part in the first ever Freedom Fight Night on Saturday, March 19th 2022 in Miami, Florida. Learn more at freedomfightnight.com. Read More.
Episode 3
On this week’s episode of Liberty & Justice, Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker talks to former Congressman from Georgia Doug Collins and then talks to former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Both discussions were recorded at CPAC 2022 in Orlando, Florida. Read More.
Episode 2
Gordon Chang and I sit down to talk about the important geopolitical and strategic issues at stake with China, the United States and Russia... Read More.
Episode 1.1
The original episode of Liberty & Justice--episode 0, with General Keith Kellogg. Read More.
Episode 1 Liberty & Justice
Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker and Former Ambassador to Germany and Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell discuss current tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the increasing threat from China, UFC and mixed martial arts fighting and Ric’s plan to fix the State of California. Read More.

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