Wake UP America | Newsmax TV
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker joins Rob to discuss a federal judge ruling that the CDC overstepped its authority... Read More.
Here’s Why One Christian Coach’s Religious Freedom Case Is So Important To All Americans
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that will decide if Americans have the right to express their religion freely, as it considers the case of Joe Kennedy, a high school football coach and veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Read More.
John Bachman NOW | Newsmax TV
Matt Whitaker joins John Bachman NOW to discuss the inherent danger in our government enforcing two systems of justice depending on what political affiliation an individual has... Read More.
The Count | Newsmax TV
Matt Whitaker and John Bachman are live at President Trump's N.C. rally explaining why the Attorney General needs to appoint a Special Counsel focusing on Hunter Biden... Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax TV
Matt Whitaker sits down with Rob to discuss the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.. Read More.
Mornings with Maria | Fox News
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker joins Maria to discuss Gov. Greg Abbott shipping illegal immigrants to Washington D.C. and the value of Title 42... Read More.
The deliberate plan behind the border crisis
We are in the midst of the single worst immigration crisis that our country has ever experienced... Read More.
Special Counsel John Durham Filing: United States v. Michael Sussmann
The United States of America, by and through its attorney, Special Counsel John H. Durham, respectfully moves in limine for the admission and exclusion of certain evidence at trial. Read More.
Americans Are Not Fooled by Democrats’ ‘Defund the Police’ Flip-Flop
As Democrats once again attempt to downplay or outright deny their well-documented record of weak-on-crime extremism... Read More.
Mornings with Maria | Fox Business
Matt Whitaker Joins Mornings with Maria to discuss Ukraine, Judge Jackson's confirmation, and Biden's trip... Read More.
Wake Up America - Newsmax TV
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker joins Rob and Alison to discuss Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation hearing... Read More.
Republicans must block Biden's Supreme Court nominee
Senate Republicans should see Ketanji Brown Jackson for what she is: a politician in a black robe Read More.
Wake Up America
Fmr. Acting U.S. Attorney General Mathew G. Whitaker joins Rob to discuss Biden's upcoming SCOTUS pick... Read More.
Spicer & Co.
Matt Whitaker goes inside Durham's bombshell with Spicer & Co... Read More.
National Report
Former Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker joins National Report to talk about the Clinton campaign spying on Trump... Read More.

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