John Bachman Now
Devon Archer could have a lot to share regarding the Biden business dealings. The next layer of the onion is demonstrating how money flowed to Biden family members along with verifying that VP Joe Biden got on the phone with Hunter's partners himself. Read More.
The Faulkner Focus
Hunter Biden's business partner, Devon Archer, could be a key witness for Congress. He could verify the numerous calls VP Joe Biden made on Hunters behalf. Also, the FBI 1023 indicates there are 17 recordings in existence. Devon's testimony is critical. Read More.
Fox News Live
We can't have a two-tiered system of justice. Political differences can not be criminalized or we become a banana republic. The prosecution of Donald Trump is very serious and it's going to take the American people speaking up to stop it. Read More.
Sunday Report
The IRS whistleblowers put their careers on the line to tell the truth about Biden crimes. They were competent, compelling, and credible in their testimony, no one has undermine a single thing they've said. Read More.
The Count
In each case against Trump we see a prosecutor being overly aggressive. With the J6 case, obviously the 1st Amendment is going to play importantly. In the Fulton County case, there are significant legal issues with that. The democrats are clearly only trying to take President Trump off the map. Read More.
Saturday Report
Investigations look into crimes not people. The prosecution against Trump in inconsistent with our way of doing justice in America. It's clear that the only purpose is to disqualify Donald Trump from running for President. Read More.
Wake Up America
Chuck Grassley released an FBI memo that outlines very serious crimes by the Biden family. It shows that millions of dollars were transferred to the Biden's for getting rid of a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma. We know the FBI investigated and confirmed much of this. However, prior to the 2020 election it was dropped. We need to know much more. Read More.
Rob Schmit Tonight
We've seen all the J6 evidence from committee, it wasn't criminal. Jack Smith is notorious for taking very aggressive posture in cases. The Supreme Court has overturned one of his cases 9 - 0. Trump is now the next victim. I can't imagine a scenario where Trump get's charged with these crimes. Read More.
It's clear the FBI lacked an interest and curiosity in investigating Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, the question is why? Who decided that these allegations wouldn't be pursued? Read More.
Greg Kelly Reports
All three statutes Jack Smith is allegedly planning to use in connection to Trump's J6 case have never been applied to a situation like this. This is clearly election interference, Republicans in congress need to be tougher in dealing with this. Read More.
Fox & Friends First
The IRS whistleblowers put their careers on the line to come forward with information about the Hunter Biden investigation. The case is so different than any other case that it deserves a special counsel. Read More.
National Report
The J6 Committee found no crimes. Obviously Donald Trump's speech on 1/6 is protected free speech. This is the Biden administration trying to change the outcome of the 2024 election. Read More.
The Chris Salcedo Show
The Trump J6 case is about protected 1st Amendment free speech. We're seeing the weaponization of politics from the left. This all looks a lot like election interference. Read More.
Mornings with Maria
Hunter Biden received a designer plea deal that specifically ignores the most serious tax charges available, felonies from 2014 and 2015 tax years. No one except Hunter Biden would get that deal. Read More.
The Count
The Chinese company "CEFC" retained Hunter Biden to interface with US law enforcement and the US government. If law enforcement is blocking the CEFC whistleblower from testifying it's a serious interference in congressional oversight work. The Biden family has been taking money from our most serious competitors and enemies around the globe and it needs to be methodically investigated. Read More.

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