FOX Business | Sean Duffy
I joined Sean Duffy to talk about the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid. Read More.
FOX Business | Maria Bartiromo
I joined Maria to discuss the partisan political influence in the FBI... Read More.
Fox News |The Ingraham Angle
I join Laura to sift through the new details surrounding the FBI raid on Trump's residence at Mar-A-Largo... Read More.
Fox Business
I sat down with Stuart to discuss latest developments in the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago... Read More.
The Faulkner Focus | Fox News Channel
Joined The Faulkner Focus to discuss our two-tiered justice system shown in treatment of Hunter Biden and Donald Trump... Read More.
I joined Wake Up America to discuss the FBI conducting an unnecessary raid on Trump's residence... Read More.
Fox & Friends | Fox News Channel
I joined Fox & Friends to discuss the Justice Department's two-tiered administration of justice... Read More.
Tucker Carlson | Fox News Channel
I joined Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the radical raid on Mar-A-Lago conducted by the FBI... Read More.
Mornings with Maria | Fox News
Maria Bartiromo and I discuss the crisis on the border... Read More.
The Story with Martha MacCallum
Matthew Whitaker discusses the threat China poses and why the FBI must be focused on combating Chinese subversion in the United States. Read More.
Newsmax TV
I went on Newsmax to discuss the FBI's move to only target right-wing organizations for alleged acts of extremism. Read More.
Cavuto | FOX Business Live
I talk about the crisis at the border and how the Biden administration has undermine the Trump administration's previous immigration successes. Read More.
WAKE UP America | Newsmax T.V.
I went on Newsmax and talked about Hunter Biden's laptop case. Read More.
WAKE UP America | Newsmax T.V.
I had the opportunity to sit down this morning and dig into how political Merrick Garland's Justice Department has become... Read More.
The Ingraham Angle | FNN
Laura and I talk in depth about the ongoing investigation into Donald Trump on January 6th... Read More.

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