The Hunter Biden saga is a shameful chapter for the Department of Justice. One of the IRS whistleblowers was a supervisory special agent. They felt so strongly about how extraordinary the handling of the Hunter Biden case was that they took it to Congress. Read More.
Newsmax TV
Hunter Biden has been trading off of his dads name since Joe Biden was Vice President. There's not doubt there's enough to investigate how much, if any, of the proceeds went to Joe Biden. Read More.
Fox News Tonight
Our two-tiered justice system is undeniable at this point. The best examples are everyday citizens who go to jail and no one ever gets to hear about it. The Hunter Biden investigation was managed very carefully from main justice to prevent real investigators from getting to the bottom of it. Read More.
American Agenda Part 1
The Durham Report demonstrated that the FBI needs fundamental reform. Leadership needs to be changed and headquarters needs to stop working cases. The 7th floor should not be opening cases. Read More.
American Agenda Part 2
Peter Navarro's case is going to go to the heart of executive privilege. Does only one President hold the privilege at time? This case could go to the Supreme Court. In the mean time we're watching the two - tiered system of justice play out. Read More.
The DoJ waited to charge Hunter Biden so that some of his taxes could reach the statute of limitations. Every defendant is about to ask for the Biden deal. We do not have equal justice. Read More.
Wake Up America
John Durham showed there was no predication for the FBI to open Crossfire Hurricane. For more than two years we heard breathless talk about walls closing in. The Director of the FBI knew this before it began. Read More.
The Durham Report showed the CIA briefed President Obama, VP Joe Biden and Jim Comey that the Clinton campaign was planning to create a false Russia Collusion narrative. Comey allowed Crossfire Hurricane to proceed anyway. The FBI has not enacted reforms to prevent this in the future. Read More.
Faulkner Focus Part 2
Chairman Jordan did a great job today in the Durham hearing highlighting that the FBI said that they had put reforms in place to protect against abuses. However, we have seen through recent action with President Trump that that does not seem to be the case. Read More.
Faulkner Focus Part 1
Hunter Biden got a deal that no other defendant in the federal system would receive. Foreign bank accounts, sources of funds, money laundering, and routing that money through multiple LLC's all seem to have been overlooked... Read More.
Fox & Friends
All of us should have equal justice under the law. It's clear that prosecutors want it to look like Hunter Biden is paying a price while not going to jail. Read More.
Newsmax TV
Hunter Biden struck a plea deal that no US Attorney could have brought if it wasn't dealing with a President's son. This is the perfect example of our two-tiered justice system. Read More.
Fox News
Merrick Garland announced that the DoJ will enter into a Consent Decree with a monitor to supervise the police department involved with George Floyd. Read More.
Fox Business Live
Jack Smith is accountable to Attorney General Merrick Garland. There is no doubt we're seeing an administration going after it's political rival, we're losing moral authority around the world... Read More.
Fox & Friends First
FBI tapes of Joe Biden bribery is explosive and the fact that the FBI redacted that information to hide it from congress is extraordinary. If this is true it's a cataclysmic event. Read More.

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