Rob Schmitt Tonight | Newsmax
Letitia James campaigned on harassing Donald Trump and is doing just that. Star witness Michael Cohen has likely exposed himself in this case... Read More.
Prime News | Newsmax
There 's no doubt that the White House abused its power concerning the Mar-a-Lago raid on Donald Trump. Even worse, they tried to cover it up. There is a lot more to learn surrounding this event... Read More.
The Evening Edit | Fox Business
The leaks out of the Pentagon are going to be damaging, DoJ needs to get to the bottom of who is responsible and hold them accountable... Read More.
Spicer & Co | Newsmax
Alvin Bragg's case is weak on the facts and the law, it's unprecedented and unsubstantiated. Bragg ran on a platform of prosecuting Trump and this is clearly a stunt to that end. Read More.
The Count | Newsmax
The case against President Trump in New York will likely be gone by the end of the year, ending up as just an ugly footnote in American history. Read More.
Saturday Report | Newsmax
Everyone can see Alvin Bragg's case for what it is, political weaponization of our justice system. The Republic will be under serious duress until we fix the two-tiered justice system... Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
Every decision made in the disastrous Afghan withdrawal sits at the feet of Joe Biden. The Biden Administration needs to take responsibility... Read More.
Cavuto: Coast to Coast | Fox Business
Policies from the left are destroying cities across the United States. Until we get back to enforcing the rule of law this trend is going to continue... Read More.
Spicer & Co | Newsmax
The left has criminalized politics. Congress needs to now turn around and use the same tactics crafted by the J6 Committee... Read More.
The Evening Edit | Fox Business
Under Joe Biden Americans are struggling with everyday needs, lawlessness is pervasive within the administration and the country is bumbling its way into another war... Read More.
The Faulkner Focus | Fox News
The prosecutor is going to want to appear as fair as possible in the Trump case, the public is very suspicious. No one believes Trump can get a fair trial In Manhattan and it should be moved to a place he can get a fair jury... Read More.
Mornings with Maria Bartiromo | Fox Business
The two-tiered system of justice in America is a symptom of the left weaponizing all institutions. We're going to be fighting and talking about all of this for years to come. Read More.
Fox & Friends First | Fox News
It's a concerning precedent for a local DA to take up a federal case that two federal agencies have already passed on. If this case is allowed to proceed it opens the door for thousands of other DA's to go after their political opponents... Read More.
Wake Up America | Newsmax
The Southern District of New York looked at the same evidence before Alvin Bragg and decided it wasn't substantiated. This should get really interesting when Bragg has to prove a Federal Election case in state law. Read More.
Cavuto Live | Fox News
This is the first time a former President has ever been charged. There are major security risks for the Secret Service to mitigate... Read More.

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