Tucker | Fox News
Matthew Whitaker goes on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about the Sussman trial. Read More.
Fox News | Fox & Friends First
Former AG Whitaker warns about Michael Sussmann trial jury becoming politicized Read More.
Newsmax | Wake Up America
Jury Selected in Durham-Sussman Trial Read More.
Joe Biden’s COVID Power Grab
Just two days after a federal judge ruled to strike down mask requirements on airplanes and other modes of public transportation, the Department of Justice... Read More.
Fox Business | FBN
Former Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker discusses the Title 42 policy, pro-abortion activists protesting outside of Supreme Court Justices' homes and Republicans on the FBI used anti-terror tools to target outspoken parents. Read More.
Fox Business | The Faulkner Focus
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker joins Harris Faulkner to discuss Special Counsel John Durham's trial of Sussmann... Read More.
High Inflation Continues to Hurt American Families
This morning’s inflation report and last week’s jobs report are yet another reminder that President Biden’s policies are failing the American people... Read More.
Biden Wants to Wokify the DOJ in Far-Left Budget Proposal
Just when many Americans likely thought that our country’s political situation could not get any worse, the Biden administration wants to wokify the Department of Justice with its new, far-left budget proposal. Read More.
The EU Plans for Phased Ban of Russian Oil and Refined Products—America Must Meet the Moment
America must embrace energy freedom to help Europe wean itself off Russian oil. Read More.
John Bachman NOW | Newsmax
Former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker joins John Bachman to talk about the Biden's regime Disinformation Governing Board aka the Ministry of Truth. Read More.
Fox Business Live
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker joins Dagen McDowell to discuss the border crisis... Read More.
Dr. Gina | Real America's Voice
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker sits with Lou Dobbs to discuss John Durhams investigation... Read More.
National Report | Newsmax TV
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker reacts to President Trump being held in contempt of court and a federal judge blocking the Biden administration from lifting Title 42... Read More.
Wake UP America | Newsmax TV
Fmr. Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker joins Rob to discuss a federal judge ruling that the CDC overstepped its authority... Read More.
Here’s Why One Christian Coach’s Religious Freedom Case Is So Important To All Americans
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case that will decide if Americans have the right to express their religion freely, as it considers the case of Joe Kennedy, a high school football coach and veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Read More.

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